A Special Note from the Class of 2020

A designer is a proponent of change. As designers we have the very special opportunity to solve problems and create solutions that have an impact on people. The Drexel Product Design Class of 2020 has been hard at work for the past 9 months creating impactful solutions for a variety of problems, each of which you can see on this website.

Given the events that are sweeping the country, the role of the designer is more important than ever. We see the damage that is being done and have an obligation to do our best to help relieve it. While the responsibility and final decision lies in the hands of legislation, we as individuals can do our part to make our voices heard. Below, you will find a link to support the Black Lives Matter movement. We urge you to donate to those who have been devastated by gross injustice, and help in the process to facilitate change. We thank you for the support. Please enjoy our Senior Show


The Drexel University Product Design Class of 2020