Alexis Nigro

I decided to pursue Product Design when I realized it was the perfect way for me to combine my analytical, problem-solving mind with my passion for creativity. My design philosophy is deeply rooted in appreciation for the natural world; It is a designer’s responsibility to create meaningful, long-lasting products from sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing methods. I am interested in designing home products, graphics, sculpture, user experiences, and solutions to combatting climate change. In my free time, you can find me making ceramics, tending to my garden, cooking, and hiking.



We are currently living in a throwaway culture where excessive consumption has become the norm. We have become so disconnected from the Earth that we barely think about the negative environmental and health ramifications of excessive waste. By turning to nature for inspiration, I became fascinated with mushrooms, the world’s original waste processor. MycoPod allows people to take ownership of one small aspect of their waste in return for fresh, local mushrooms. By emphasizing the circularity of waste cycles, we are educating people on how to become more resourceful instead of wasteful. This will lead to a healthier planet inhabited by healthier humans.

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