Daniel Gavrin

Hi, I am a product designer studying at Drexel University. I am most passionate about visually simple designs with interesting features. I try to make my design process a learning experience through the use of material exploration or a technology I have never used before.





While flying, pilots have a lot of plates to spin, especially during the final, and most fatal, stages of flight. This is a problem because fatal crashes aren’t as uncommon as they probably should be. Each year there are more deaths from general aviation than days in the year.

That’s why I’m designing PIONEER, a knee board which uses modern technology to increase a pilot’s ability to focus on their flight. It does this by automating the most distracting part of pre-landing workflow. It also digitally cleans up and adds interaction to their safety checklists. The result is pilots keeping sight on the sky and instruments when normally they would be looking distracted. I believe this will greatly reduce cognitive load and give pilots a sense of control they haven’t yet had.

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