Lax Ave
Christorpher Haley

Lax Ave

A public recreation space making Lacrosse more accessible.


Make Lacrosse more accessible to grow the game, increase athletic participation, and improve diversity.

Lacrosse has three primary barriers to entry, by addressing each barrier, Lacrosse is more accessible to new players.


  • Player equipment
  • Field infrastructure
  • League membership


  • Geographic exclusivity
  • School/club offerings
  • Low sport visibility


  • Seasonal commitment
  • Sloped learning curve
  • No recreational games


American sports are experiencing a three part collapse which has caused
athletes to give up on organized athletics in favor of recreational activities
and minimally competitive games.

Youth athletes are unhappy playing

Sports are too physically demanding

Parents and coaches create a poor atmosphere

American participation in outdoor activities drops by age. 70% of athletes quit team sports By age 13.

Lacrosse has seen year over year growth in player participation. American Lacrosse has set all time highs in involvement as more states sanction play.

Bowling (2nd) and Mini Golf/Putt Putt (4th) represent two
of the five most popular crossover activities*. Both
activities fulfill the top three goals American’s list as
motivation for engaging in activities.

*Activities that accomplish multiple participant goals,
e.g. being with friends, getting exercise, and spending time outdoors.

Motivation for Engaging in Activities, Data from The Outdoor Foundation


Create a space and form of recreational Lacrosse that capitalizes on primary engagement motivators while minimizing barriers to entry. The solution must be inviting to athletes and non-athletes alike and make playing Lacrosse easy.

Barriers to Entry

Motivators for Engagement

Lax Ave

An indoor recreation space with equipment, staff, and infrastructure for recreational Lacrosse.

Visitors are assigned their own playing lane to create an individualized playing experience.

Value Proposition

  • Place to be active and have fun with friends and family
  • Overcome Lacrosse’s stigmas by experiencing it yourself
  • New opportunities to play Lacrosse with no commitments and provided gear, space, and coaching
  • Accessible and friendly playing experience with a focus on fun and not competition

Turf fields are marked with regulation marks.

Goals, sticks, and balls are provided at each lane.

Every playing lane has a 30 yard x 10 yard turf field.

Thank You visiting, if you have any questions reach out with the information below.

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