Parkable Systems
Sean Huberth

Parkable Systems

Sean Huberth

Parkable Systems

Event Bike Parking

Parkable is a parking system that can be deployed at a large variety of events, from farmers markets and parades to street fairs and music festivals.


Accommodates the biking needs of each event
• Number of units
• Location of units
• Number of locations


Users will innately understand how to use
• Bright color makes it highly visible to bikers
• Multiple points for locking various bikes


Parkable’s helpful staff will ensure
• Quick installation and dismantling
• Advisement on appropriate placement
• Accommodation to changing plans

1. Park

Lean your bike on the Parkable bike rack.

2. Lock

Lock your bike to the Parkable bike rack.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy the event knowing your bike is secure.

Parkable Systems



I interviewed various planners and academics asking a series of questions in order to gather information about transportation in the region.

I also conducted two series of interviews with many different residents. This would highlight the way forward for my project.


Through collaborative reframing exercises with other designers, I was able to focus on bicycle parking.

This was then directed at bicycle parking for urban event spaces and my launching point for ideation.

Product Development

How might we provide appropriate bicycle parking to event spaces like street fairs, farmers markets, and parades?

What will give bike riders the confidence to use bikes when attending these events?

Direct Stakeholder Interactions

The three stakeholders with the highest amount of interaction with the Parkable System.

Design Criteria

Bike Rider Friendly

Since bike riders are the end users of the system, it is important that their experience is done well and considers ease of use and the security of the bike.


To be portable, the system must be easy to take down, and compact in a vehicle. Defining how the product and system may fit together and the ease in which it is taken apart.

Event Planning Friendly

In order to event coordinators to choose to use the system, it is important that the systems in place to order and install the system are easy to use for planners.


Through ideation, I was able to build a picture of how the system would work. With iteration, I was able to polish the fine details.


Sean Huberth

I am set to graduate this June and am excited to return to work as a designer. I am passionate about solutions around environmental crises and public health crises and would love to design for those issues. Additionally, I have international industrial design work experience which has boosted my love for travel along with my empathy as a design researcher.