Sam Gearhart

I am a six year Air Force veteran and a watercooled Volkswagen aficionado who loves to make stuff and tinker. I am originally from rural Pennsylvania but now live in the Philadelphia suburb of Glenside, PA. My design experience includes product design, material exploration and fabrication, digital design tools, wearable technology, sculpture, graphic design and design research. Overcoming challenges no matter the circumstances and seeing an idea come to life without sacrificing the vision is what I work for.

Torque Steer

The experience of driving for driving enthusiasts is one of joyful anxiety and mastery. While joyful anxiety comes from speed and power, traditionally a sense of mastery comes from operating a manual transmission and chasing the perfect gear for the situation to offer the most power. With electric vehicles becoming more popular and manual transmissions obsolete this means there is an opportunity to integrate a sense of mastery into an electric vehicle. Torque Steer offers drivers the ability to control left and right side power separately to add a sense of mastery to the electric vehicle.

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