Sean Huberth

I studied product design for my undergrad at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Set to graduate this June, I am excited to return to work as a designer. I am passionate about solutions around environmental crises and public health crises and would love to design for those issues. I have international industrial design work experience which has boosted my love for travel along with my empathy as a design researcher. Finally, I want to continue to be able to compete in marathons even though I am a slow runner.



Addressing issues around public health and environmental crises are important and will only grow in their importance. Finding ways to increase bike ridership one way to address these crises. Pushing people to bike more improves public health outcomes for two primary reasons. First it improves individual cardiovascular health. Secondly, it reduces fossil fuel emissions, improving respiratory health. By having more people choose to get around by bike instead of by car, you reduce cars and thus traffic congestion. My project aims at increasing bike ridership.

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