Shelby Ingram

I am a designer from Cleveland Ohio who is driven by empathy and human factors.  My ultimate goal in life is to design prosthetics for amputees!  Through my designs, I strive to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.  Post graduation, I’m excited to have received the opportunity to design spinal implants, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.


AJ:The Auto-Adjusting Socket System

AJ is an adjustable socket system for amputees that automatically changes size according to the variation of the residual limb size. It uses pressure sensors with a flexible, rechargeable battery in order to sense the fluid changes of the residual limb. This socket expands proximally to the residual limb in order to add more space as the limb swells, and also contracts distally to the residual limb in order to hug where the residual limb shrinks. Amputees want to do less work. AJ allows amputees to live their daily lives, while decreasing both discomfort and user effort.

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