The Dream Den
Hanh Ly

What is it?

The Dream Den is an immersive installation that will bring viewers into a dream-like space that will empower introspective and therapeutic thinking.

Why is it important?

Dreams hold many possibilities in understanding the human psyche. Everybody dreams, but dreams are often overlooked because of its elusive and intangible nature.  

Who is it for?

The Dream Den is for adults who dreams and is opened to new experience .

Where would it exist?

The Dream Den can exist in art gallery as an immersive installation or retail space as a novel pop up experience.


Research includes secondary research focusing on Sigmund Freud’s and Carl Jung’s dreams theories and neurosciene research on REM-sleep dream. Primary research includes in-person interviews and activities that explore personal dream stories and images.


User Research

Understanding people’s relationship with their dreams through user interview. The goal of this process is to gather personal insights on how people dream and how they feel about their dreams.



Using data collected from user interviews to establish 2 common dreamer personas.



These are 6 common recurring themes and subjects that come up in the in-person interview and written dream journal.



Problem Statement

How might we help people improve their relationship with their dream through experiencing a dream-like immersive installation? 


Design Criterias

The installation should be an engaging experience that capture viewers’ fascination as well as inform them of the benefits of dreams.


Journey Map

Mapping user’s experience from the entrance of the installation to the final exit.



Ideating on engaging visual, tactile and sensory experience that capture the spirit of dreams.



A series of dioramas of familiar home settings. The final prototype is inspired by my childhood bedroom, a recurring space that always comes up in my dreams.


Installation Set Up

The installation is a made up of mainly faux fur and upholstered found objects. The process took 2 weeks from start to finish.



Hanh Ly

I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, where my early interests in the fine arts developed into my current passions for artisanal crafts such as weaving and ceramics. I am currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in product design from Drexel University. During my time in the US, I found an opportunity to marry my love for making with human-centered design. I describe myself as a maker, a concept designer, and a design researcher among many other things.