Asavari Scarff


Smart knee pain assessment tool to improve patient self-care and treatment for dancers

Treat Components

The Sleeve
Allows you to interact touch and test with your knee
The App
Guides user through a pain assessment including background, pain level, exercises, diagnosis and treatments

The Treat Sleeve

The Treat App


As a dancer for 15+ years, I’ve noticed pain is inevitable among dancers. It not only affects their dancing but their confidence to move forward and deal with the pain. It’s hard to show weakness in a performance industry


Many dancers don’t understand their pain once they feel it and tend to treat it incorrectly or even ignore it. Their treatment process might be wrong for their pain and that can possibly lead to doing more harm 


TREAT allows you to personally interact, touch, and test with your knee to get the best quality outcome for treatment. Through Treat app and sleeve, dancers can now be encouraged to deal with their pain



In my research process, many of the dancers I interviewed said they will work through the pain rather than treat it right away. Or they will seek temporary treatments.

It can be inconvenient to get help and sometimes expensive.


During the ideation process, I tested out different forms, wrap types, applications, placements, and accessories that could fit on the knee.


Treat is targeted for any type of dancer who would experience any type of knee pain.

The dancer’s experience plays a big part in having pain occur.

Treatment Process

There are several ways pain can be treated, professional help, pain killers, and medical devices

Dance Intensity

The style of dance can impact the severity of the pain and can potentially cause more harm  

Products Used

The dancers who are making efforts to treat their pain may be treating it incorrectly or not at all


Sleeve Prototyping

Material exploration was important to test out elasticity of fabric. Accessory placement such as goniometer, knee pad and velcro straps.


Asavari Scarff

Hi, I’m Asavari. I grew up near Boston, Massachusetts. My career goal is to be a designer for medical devices and health care companies. My main passion besides design is dancing, performing, and being part of a team. Fun fact, the past three years my dance team and I competed and won several trophies nationwide.